Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Learning Statement

When trying to figure out how much people actually depend on facebook, it seems that although it is evident that everyone relies on it as an important aspect of their social life, people are not as willing to be completely honest about how much time they really do spend on it. I found surveying people a little difficult- some people would say one thing and put a completely different answer down just so they wouldn't seem "obsessed" with facebook regardless of the fact that the survey was anonymous. I found getting real information out of people the most difficult part of the research process.
Also, sifting through the information to get real or valuable data from the survey was hard too. The survey was supposed to be random and cover a wide range of people, but seeing as how everyone available for surveying was in the same age group, on the same campus of the same University- I dont feel as if the results are as general as they could be.

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