Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Project Plan Description

We will be persuing why facebook came around meaning what was the social network like before facebook, why was it created, and how did it become so popular so quickly?

We will try to understand this from a student or user point of view as well as an intellectual point of view to see what each group thinks about the social network of our time. In understanding the importance of facebook from these point of views, we must understand it's emergence. Once we understand why it came around, we will delve into why it is so popular, which will also involve information from intellectuals and peers. Finally we will examine why facebook has stayed around for as long as it has. This will examine how facebook differs from "reality" and again analyze users stories of why they use it.

This information can be found in a variety of ways. Intellectuals have written journals about facebook, which we can look up online using the library webpage. We have thousands of users all around us, so conducting interviews of how they think shouldn't be too difficult. We will have to find some journals concerning the origin of facebook, but hopefully with enough digging we'll find this on the internet somewhere as well.

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