Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What are intellectuals saying about Facebook?

Many intellectuals are saying that facebook is a great opportunity to interact with a diverse world of people. Not only is it a good interacting tool but also a good scholarly tool. They are saying that facebook can also teach you how to use the Internet to create these many relationships among people. Facebook can also be seen as an introduction to business especially by many of the world's entrepreneurs. Intellectuals are also saying that although facebook is a good social tool it should not be used irresponsibly. There are 5 basic fundamentals to consider when using facebook. The first is invincibility which refers to appropraitely posting pictures on facebook and neglecting inappropriate materials. The second is caching which influences people to consider phrases or words they may post because even if they remove the material it will still be available for all the internet to view later. The next two are policies regarding a persons freedom and responsibility. Since no one is designated to constantly monitor and remind someone about their postings it is up to that person to adhere to what they are putting online. The final recommendation is to adhere to the law and to always respect anothers privacy.

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