Wednesday, October 24, 2007

what i have learned...

In general, the most difficult part of this project is working together with a group. Although we get class time to work on it, there is still a barrier on getting everyone to agree on ideas and splitting up the work. It was also very difficult to find a time when all six people can meet outside of class, but because we assigned specific topics to every person, we only need to meet once outside of class to ensure that our presentation runs smoothly.
After some research, it seems that overall more people prefer Facebook over MySpace. Many people complained about the amount of spam that they receive from MySpace. There were also a lot of complaints from people about being friended by unwanted people on MySpace. Facebook seems to have more privacy restrictions. On the other hand, many people commented that MySpace gives you much more freedom to choose the appearance and layout of your site. This gives the opportunity for more personal expression. In contrast, every Facebook profile has the same white background with blue accents.

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